Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC

Ben Walkingshaw
Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC

Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC

BRSCC Club Sport Trophy

Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC. Great to be invited to Oulton Park to photograph Ben Walkingshaw. Ben is the driver for Walkingshaw Motorsport. This weekend it was the BRSCC Club Sport Trophy. I had an idea in my head regarding the type of shots I wanted. We wanted action photos!

Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC
Club Sport Trophy

The Weather Forecast

The weather forecast was poor for Friday with rain and only slightly better for Saturday’s racing. As it turned out the rain wasn’t too bad on Friday and Saturday stayed dry. Unlike the rest of the country which had torrential rain. So great news, we got all of the action shots we wanted and made some more good contacts!

Walkingshaw Motorsport BRSCC
Ben Walkingshaw

Volkswagen Scirocco

The new decals looked the part on the Scirocco zooming round Oulton Park. Ben had his best result finishing third in class and fifth overall. We had a great result, we didn’t get soaked and got the pictures we wanted. Smiles all round.

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