Professional Wedding Photographer or family friend

Graeme Cameron Wedding Photographer
Graeme Cameron Wedding Photographer


Professional Wedding Photographer or family friend

Professional wedding photographer or family friend

Trends are fun but rarely last. It is important that your wedding photographs will stand the test of time and are valued by following generations. Too much Photoshop manipulation might look a bit ‘cheesy’ ten years down the line.

Photographing a Wedding

When choosing between a professional wedding photographer or asking a family friend to photograph your wedding there are a few things to consider when making your decision. Photographing a wedding is a pressured environment. How would you feel if your friend missed a key moment through inexperience? Your friend may take lovely landscapes or candid family photos but how would they cope with tricky exposures that require technical ability and experience.


We occasionally receive enquiries from Bride & Grooms who tell us that they love our relaxed style of wedding photography but are considering not booking a professional photographer. They know someone who has a good camera and takes nice pictures. If your wedding photography isn’t a priority then that’s your choice. However, it always upsets me when I hear from newlyweds who say “I wish we had booked a professional wedding photographer”. Unfortunately there are no second chances when it comes to wedding photography.


Graeme Cameron 1988
Graeme Cameron 1988


First Wedding as official photographer

My first wedding as the official wedding photographer was way back in 1988. I was a keen amateur and the Bride & Groom were working to a tight budget with the wedding photos considered purely a ‘nice to have’. It was only after several small weddings and portrait sessions we turned professional in January 2002. We invested in professional photography equipment ensuring that we had spares of everything.

Wedding Photography is a specialised genre

Wedding photography is a specialised genre of photography where experience counts. Thriving on the pressure and thrill of capturing those special moments you will treasure forever is what sets a wedding photographer apart.

Memories are cherished forever

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding consider the priorities for your wedding day and beyond. After the big day your wedding photographs are one of the only tangible things that remain. Time will fly by on your wedding day. When you come home from your honeymoon your beautiful wedding photographs will ensure that memories are cherished forever.

Experience counts

From experience we know all the wonderful things that can happen on a wedding day. We capture the special moments with subtlety. Moments that perhaps you don’t notice at the time but are a lovely surprise for you when your wedding photographs are presented. Linda and I love being Wedding Photography Professionals in the Lake District & Cumbria. My motivation remains to photograph, capture and preserve unique moments in time.

Contact us

Are you getting married in the Lake District in Cumbria. Would you like a professional wedding photographer to photograph your wedding day. Please give us a call to discuss your unique wedding day requirements. There is still the option of e-mail and telephone but there’s now the inclusion of an on-line enquiry form. It’s for those on the move that just need to make that initial enquiry and perhaps check out dates and availability. We would love to hear from you.