Kielder Forest Rally

Kielder Forest Rally
Kielder Forest Rally

Kielder Forest Rally

Super Sunny Weekend

A super sunny Saturday in Kielder Forest for the Kielder Forest Rally no less! Lovely sunshine was the positive, the horseflies not so much. So off we went, smothered in insect repellant into the trees. Information about the stages was kindly supplied by Mark Fisher, navigator and co-driver for Rob Wright. We found a great spot on Stage 1, positioning ourselves in a clearing facing a fabulous hairpin. It was a reasonable hike to and from our chosen place. I had an idea in my head regarding the type of shots I wanted, knowing the dry weather would result in a lot of dust. Perfect for capturing all the action.

Rob Wright Mark Fisher
Rob Wright & Mark Fisher

Hot Dry Weather

The benefit of the hot dry weather meant a lot of dust. A great way to capture the movement and bring the pictures to life. The light was ‘harsh’ which helped in making the colours pop. We got all of the great action shots we wanted and made some more good contacts.

Kielder Rally
Kielder Rally


There were lots of different manufacturers represented. Ford (of course) in the form of Fiestas and Escorts, Vauxhall, Subaru, Citroen, Peugeot, Nissan etc. But then there was Mercedes, Porsche and Datsun. An eclectic mix, all great to see taking part.

Datsun Rally Car

More Like Sardinia

With all the dust and a wider shot to add a bit of context you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a rally in Sardinia or the WRC Acropolis Rally.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

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If you are part of the Rally Scene and are interested in having a look at the pictures from the weekend then please check them out in the Client Area and Sport section.

Subaru Rally Car
Kielder Forest Rally

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Graeme Cameron
Graeme Cameron Photography