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Charity Event Photography

Charity Event Photography in West Cumbria

Saturday found us in Maryport. We had been invited back to Maryport to do official charity event photography. The Maryport Trawler Race is an annual charity event. Organiser Gary Hampson booked us. We’ve known Gary for a few years. It’s always a pleasure to be invited to do the photography. The event was a lot of fun and very exciting when we were at sea.


We had a chat with Gary and it was then decided what type of pictures were required. There are all sorts of boats taking part. Both large and small, single and double hull, fast and slow. To make it fair it is a time trial. Each craft estimates the time they will take to complete the course. The boat that gets the closest to their estimated time is the winner.

Maryport lifeboat
Maryport Inshore Rescue

Maryport Inshore Rescue

The charity event was well organised. Due to the number of boats and people involved the RNLI and Maryport’s own Inshore Rescue boat were on standby. A bit of engine trouble caused a small boat to stop. It was towed back into Maryport by the Workington lifeboat.

Bonny Lass Trawler
Bonny Lass

2019 Winners

Weather conditions were perfect. Both guests and crew on the boats had a great time. The winning boat that came closest to their estimated time was Chilaris. Second place was Aluna and Bonny Lass III was third. Best dressed boat was Chilaris. Best dressed crew was Samlewetta II. The best visiting boat and most entertaining was Bonny Lass III. In reality, everyone who contributed to the event was a winner.


If you are looking for a professional photographer for your charity event please give us a call. We are ideally based in the Lake District, Cumbria, and can travel beyond the Lake District National Park for professional photography assignments.


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