Border Counties Rally

Rob Wright Rallying
Rob Wright & Mark Fisher

Border Counties Rally

Bank Holiday Weekend

On the Bank holiday weekend the Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally took place. So, we headed off to Scotland. Information about the stages was kindly supplied by Mark Fisher, navigator and co-driver for Rob Wright. We had a brilliant time. We positioned ourselves on Stage 5, which meant we had a long hike into and out of the stage. Completely worth it. It was great fun capturing all the action.

Gallant Building Services
Jonathan Lightbody

Great Weather

The Bank Holiday weather did not disappoint. We were so lucky compaired with the rest of the Country! It was nice and sunny at times, occasionally overcast, but not too hot. The light was ‘soft’ which was perfect for pictures. We worked hard making sure we moved around when possible to ensure we captured a variety of photographs. We got all of the great action shots we wanted and made some more good contacts.

Simmons & Friend
Simmons & Friend

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If you are part of the Rally Scene and are interested in having a look at the pictures from the weekend then please check them out in the Client Area and Sport section.

Border Counties Rally
Border Counties Rally

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