Need Actor Headshots for your Portfolio

Actor Headshot Portfolio
Actor Headshot Portfolio


Need Actor headshots for your portfolio

Are you an actor ?

Do you need some professional photographs for your actor’s portfolio or electronic copies to be able to submit them at short notice to acting agencies and casting directors. We are professional photographers here to help you. Here are a few tips that may help you achieve your acting goals:


The majority of headshots need to be in colour, it’s the standard. The occasional black & white image is OK but should be the exception not the rule.

Look like “you” on the pictures, don’t dress like a cowboy, doctor etc and don’t sit and hold / wear any props. We recommend that you wear two different tops for your professional photographs, something sharp like a suit and then something informal like a tee-shirt.

It’s good to have a mixture of pictures, some showing your smile and some with a more serious look. As professional photographers we’ll assist as necessary to get a good mixture of portfolio pictures for you.

All the images we capture will be of your head and upper body. This helps agents and casting directors to judge your physical size and build. We never crop your image too tightly or chop off part of your head.

Standard portfolio portrait

The standard portfolio portrait picture size is 10 inches by 8 inches. We recommend that you stay away from glossy prints, they show every fingermark and reflect the light making them awkward to see. A matt finish is far superior and easier for agents and casting directors to see.

Finally, keep it simple, don’t wear a lot of distracting jewellery.

Looking for a professional photographer

If you are thinking about taking your acting to the next level and would like some professional photographs for your portfolio taken by an established professional photographer please give Graeme Cameron Photography a call to discuss your requirements.

Contact us for further information

Please contact us to discuss your unique photographic requirements or if you just want some further information. There’s still the option of e-mail and telephone but there’s now the inclusion of an on-line enquiry form. It’s for those on the move that just need to make that initial enquiry and perhaps check out dates and availability.