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18th February 2022

Photographs taken today are the historical, nostalgic, old photos of tomorrow. That’s a fact!

23rd February 2019

We regularly run photography courses on the edge of the Lake District at Hunday Manor.

26th January 2019

Are you looking for a photography course in West Cumbria ?

9th June 2017

Graeme’s course was extremely helpful and informative.

12th May 2017

Last night’s photography course went really well at Hunday Manor near Workington.

22nd April 2017

One of the subjects that’s covered on the ‘IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY’ course is the mind bending topic of perspective distortion.

12th April 2017

Are you looking for a photography course in West Cumbria ?

10th April 2017

Understanding the basic principles of digital photography is fundamental in achieving your photographic goals.

2nd March 2017

Spring is just round the corner so it’s a great time to get your camera out and start taking photographs.

6th September 2016

Looking for a digital photography course in West Cumbria ?

31st August 2016

Eclectic group of photographers attended with interests including professional drone pilot.

11th August 2016

Graeme Cameron Photography has been running digital SLR photography courses in West Cumbria for many years.

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