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Photography Courses Cumbria
Photography Courses Cumbria

Digital Photography Course in West Cumbria

Spring has eventually sprung in the Lake District & West Cumbria. It’s a great time to get out with your digital camera and take some terrific photographs & capture some great memories.

Want to improve your digital photography

Perhaps you have the ambition but want to improve your digital photography techniques to help you take better pictures with your digital SLR camera? Or perhaps you want to continue developing your photographic style of photography and creativity ?

Digital SLR photography courses in West Cumbria

Graeme Cameron Photography has been running digital SLR photography courses in West Cumbria for many years and knows that understanding the basic’s of digital SLR photography is fundamental in getting the best results. Whatever your photographic interest we want to help you develop and improve your digital SLR photographic skills.


Some of the topic’s covered on the course:
Basic parts of a camera, Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO, how to hold your digital camera, unique relationship between Aperture & Shutter speed, maintaining proper exposure, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Shutter speed, ISO, 18% Grey, Metering, Exposure Compensation, Depth of Field, Autofocus Points, RAW, JPEG, White Balance, Composition, Perspective Distortion etc.

Hunday Manor

The Hunday Manor Country House near Workington has proved an excellent venue with great facilities. Through years of experience we’ve found that splitting the course into two separate evening classes works the best. Groups are kept intentionally small. You are encouraged to bring your digital SLR with you so that you can practice and familiarise yourself by finding settings and trying techniques as we work through the flexible syllabus together.

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