Informal Formal Wedding Photographs

Seacote Hotel Fun Weddings
Seacote Hotel Fun Weddings


Informal formal wedding photographs

Informal formal wedding photographs

Here’s a favourite wedding photograph from Brian & Kerry’s great wedding day at the Seacote Hotel. The Seacote Hotel is in St.Bees near Whitehaven. This favourite photograph should come under the heading of ‘informal’ formal wedding photograph. It is a way of capturing an official wedding picture of the wedding party but without the formal look.

Wedding Photographers

We know Wedding Photography is a specialised genre of photography where experience and timing counts. Wedding photographers thrive on the pressure of the responsibility of capturing special moments. The thrill of capturing those special moments you will treasure forever is what sets a wedding photographer apart.

Fun Wedding

It was a really fun wedding and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a great time as the official photographers. There was a surprise for Kerry at the drinks reception. The guys serving the food & drinks turned out to be the Singing Waiters, they really got the party started.

Seacote Hotel

The Seacote Hotel is worth checking out. Seacote Hotel is registered for civil ceremonies. It is ideal for couples wanting to organise all of the day’s proceedings in one location. If you are looking at wedding venues for your special day then we recommend that you add the Seacote Hotel to your shortlist.

Getting married in West Cumbria

Do you want a professional wedding photographer to photograph your wedding day. Please give us a call to discuss your unique wedding day requirements. There is still the option of e-mail and telephone but there’s now the inclusion of an on-line enquiry form. It’s for those on the move that just need to make that initial enquiry and perhaps check out dates and availability. We would love to hear from you.