Importance of Family Photographs

Importance of Family Photographs
Importance of Family Photographs

Importance of family photographs

The digital dark age may be upon us…..

Have you noticed that everyone is busy taking pictures of everyone & everything these days ? Taking digital photographs has become so cheap & inexpensive that to many people it’s lost it’s significance and importance. The digital revolution is a double edged sword with millions of pictures being taken every day and only a fraction being printed out and put in a family album for posterity.

Treasured family photograph

Not keeping a family album could prove to be a big mistake. Families are changing all the time, as you get older the years go faster, your kids are growing up faster than you may realise. Many people don’t realise the importance of family photographs until it is too late. Too often we find ourselves looking for old photos of friends and relatives who are no longer with us. Is there anything better than digging out old photos and having a good ‘old’ reminisce. That ‘spur of the moment’ holiday picture or ‘posed’ professional wedding photo taken today could be a treasured family photograph for years to come.

Wedding at Old England Hotel in Windermere

Here’s a wedding photograph from a wedding we covered about three years ago. It was at The Old England Hotel on the side of Windermere in Bowness-On-Windermere. How wonderful to capture such a lovely moment in time.

Looking for a professional photographer

If you are looking for a professional photographer please give us a call. There’s still the option of e-mail and telephone but there’s now the inclusion of an on-line enquiry form. It’s for those on the move that just need to make that initial enquiry and perhaps check out dates and availability. We would love to hear from you.