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David Coulthard F1
David Coulthard

Rowrah Welcomes David Coulthard MBE

It was the LITTLE GREEN MAN CHAMPIONSHIP at Rowrah last weekend. Among the entrants there was a new kid on the block supported by his dad. The one and only David Coulthard MBE. It was practice day on Saturday and race day on Sunday. David kindly agreed to do a few laps in one of the LETS GO KARTING machines.

David Coulthard Rowrah
David Coulthard Rowrah

Official Photographers

As the official photographers it was our job to capture David putting the kart through its paces out on track. Afterwards there was time for a few informal photos and a chat.

Malcolm Fell David Coulthard
Malcolm Fell chatting to David Coulthard


One of the best karting circuits in the United Kingdom. Rowrah Kart Racing Track is situated on the edge of the lake district in West Cumbria.


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