Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Wedding Photographer
Choosing your Wedding Photographer


Lake District Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right Wedding Photographer to suite you is an important decision. Once the wedding is over and you’re home from your honeymoon, it’s the photos that will hold all those memories. A few key moments you may not have noticed during the big day. There are lots of wedding photographers out there, so how do you choose the right photographer for your special day.

How to choose your perfect Wedding Photographer

Here are some top tips and things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding photographer.

1. Style of Photography

First of all, what style do you like. Do you like formal, informal, informally formal, relaxed, the list goes on. There are lots of photographers out there and they’re all different.

Our style is informally formal. A relaxed style that goes with the flow. It is a way of capturing official wedding pictures of the wedding party but without the formal look. Don’t get me wrong, we still get the formal shots but also get the informal / relaxed pictures in between. It’s all down to experience & timing. 

2. Experience Counts

When choosing between a professional wedding photographer or asking a family friend to photograph your wedding there are a few things to consider when making your decision. Photographing a wedding is a pressured environment. How would you feel if your friend missed a key moment through inexperience? Your friend may take lovely landscapes or candid family photos but how would they cope with tricky exposures that require technical ability and experience.

Everyone has to start somewhere but perhaps your wedding isn’t the place for someone to gain experience or worse learn from their mistakes. It’s 30 years since I photographed my first wedding. Photographing weddings across the UK and beyond has given us a wealth of experience to rely on. From 35 degree heat in Malta & Cyprus through to a metre of snow in the Lake District, we’ve experienced it all.

3. Customer Testimonials

Please have a look on our Customer Testimonials page. There’s plenty on there to give you a flavour of the service we provide. There’s also independent reviews on Google.

4. Consistent Quality

Wedding photography isn’t just about a few stunning photographs. It’s the whole package. We ensure that the coverage tells the wedding day story.

5. Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue may recommend and suggest photographers, by all means check them out and have a look at examples of their work but remember that they may not be recommending them on their ability. Unfortunately, there are wedding venues that recommend photographers on the basis that they pay a finders fee or pay to advertise through the venue.

We pride ourselves on not paying finders fees or paying venues to recommend us. We’re recommended on the quality of the wedding photography and the customer service we provide.

6. Backup Equipment

At Graeme Cameron Photography we ensure that we have backup equipment for everything. This includes spare cameras, lenses, flash guns, tripods etc. We even have a secondary van and a 4×4 on standby. The 4×4 has proved handy when there was a bit of localised flooding or a heavy snowfall to contend with.

7. Confidence

Your wedding photographer should fill you with confidence. We want you to be at ease so that you can enjoy your big day knowing that we are capturing the biggest day of your life.

Wedding photography is a specialised genre of photography where experience counts. Thriving on the pressure and thrill of capturing those special moments you will treasure forever is what sets a wedding photographer apart.

8. Perfect Wedding Photographer

Finally, you’ve picked your dress, chosen the theme, paid the deposit for the venue and found your perfect wedding photographer. Enjoy your wedding day, it will be great.

A few things to consider:

A few things to consider when looking for and choosing a wedding photographer. One size fits all does not apply. Choose someone who’s work you love. Shop around. Look for consistency.Find someone who puts you at ease. Don’t go for cheap and cheerful, the results could be tearful.


As professional wedding photographers we capture the unique & special moments of your wedding day. There’s still the option of e-mail and telephone but there’s now the inclusion of an on-line enquiry form. Either way we’d love to hear from you.